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The USS Scorpio NCC 77947 is a Star Trek RPG in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 72


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    Post by Tigra Thundera on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:24 am

    1.Your character must be original, and not an established Star Trek Character or newly found son/daughter of an established character (e.g. Jean-Luc Picard, Mackenzie Calhoun, Ben Sisko, the Son of Worf,

    2.Do NOT give yourself a rank and/or past ranks held by your character. The Captain will determine that based on your application.

    3.You must post at least once every week, or you will give up your position, unless you make other arrangements. Make sure to tell your CO you're going on vacation! However, the more you post, the more likely you are to get promoted!

    4.Do NOT change your ship's Class or Name with out proper authorization. When you apply for a ship you accept the name, class, and registry number. TFCOs and the Fleet CO have to keep up with the ships in Bravo Fleet, logistics. If people are changing names and classes, it makes this impossible. Therefore, we discourage this...but if you feel you MUST/NEED to make a change, email your TFCO with your reasons and suggestions. On rare occasions, if a reason is found valid, we will allow a change, however your ship must of been active for at least 6 months. If a change is allowed, you will be unable to make another change for at least 9 additional months. The second change will also be the last one allowed for your simm, period.

    5.Make sure you fill out your application completely!!!! Remember, the better the Application, the better the rank might be.

    6.Don't recruit in BF for more members. You're welcome to use the recruiting forum, but look outside for crew, help us grow and not overload players! All BF COs are welcome to use our Webmaster Services. This also means other groups aren't allowed to recruit in BF. You wouldn't want us recruiting in your group, so show a little respect and don't do it to us. Any group caught recruiting in BF will be warned, noted on our BBL, and our allies informed. Possibly further action taken if warnings do not work. If a BF member recruits in BF for another group, he/she will be banned from BF.

    7.All new Bravo Fleet Role Players that do not have any role playing experience will be brought aboard their ships as a Cadet and should attend the Academy. Reading through the "Cadet Initial Training" in will help you learn about Bravo Fleet. Cadets are encouraged to post and participate on their ship while taking the Training. We also suggest that Role Players new to Bravo Fleet but not Role Playing review the "Cadet Initial Training" material as well. Remember, this training is to help you be a better player, it's not an initiation ritual. We also offer Command School for new commanding officers in Bravo Fleet, and new commanding officers must attend and pass the 'Command Training' in order to take command of your ship/SB (You'll also need 5 crewmembers, a website, and your TFCO's permission to begin. Remember, ship Commanders are required to make a website for their ship and recruit a crew.

    8.No cursing (beyond damn or hell, etc.); some people will get offended. A good rule of thumb is to go by what is done on the series and movies themselves and in the manner they do it.

    9.No overly sexually posts. Remember, we do have a few young players and others that will get offended. Kisses, hugs, and the like are fine, but sex and the details are not. Let's keep things in good taste.

    10.Do not start the ship on a new mission. The CO of each vessel is responsible for that. Doing so will inevitably cause a story split. If you have a mission idea, send it to your CO. We cannot emphasize this enough.

    11.This is in the Star Trek®️ universe!!! Triple-sized Nebula-Class starships do not suddenly appear and release fighters in the middle of a battle! There are no Light Sabers, Neechians, Force Lances, or The Force. Sooo, post accordingly. Creativity's fine...just don't be ridiculous. This also means you can't destroy the Enterprise, Voyager, or DS9 or kill Picard, Worf, etc.

    12.Keep in line with the current plot, and try to keep up with where the other characters on the ship are. Not doing so will inevitably cause a story split.

    13.One Player can only command one ship at a time in the Fleet. This doesn't mean go out and make a second Email address and Character just to command another ship. There are more players then just you wanting a command. Besides, you'll find you'll have too little time to do anything before long.

    14.One player can only have 1 character on any given ship, and a total of 5 in BF. This isn't to limit you, it's so you won't get over loaded and new players have a chance at the 'good' positions.

    15.Respect your fellow members. Do not kill someone else's character or make major changes to him/her without it's owner's permission. This includes injuring them, killing family members or designated NPCs, or even killing pets.

    16.If you resign, tell your CO. If you are a ship CO, inform your TFCO. Send them an email one on one and explain why and include your crew's email addresses. When you resign, you will be unable to command again in BF for 90 days. This allows others the chance to command and gives you time to truly decide if you wish to command again. We ask you not to announce your resignation of the BFCOs list or your TF's COs list. Many COs have expressed that they do not wish to receive this. It also looks bad to new COs. If you wish to say goodbye to fellow COs, email them one on one after you tell your TFCO. If you do send it to the list, an additional 6 months will be added to the 90 days.

    17.Bravo Fleet is a PBeM group. All simms, unless otherwise approved by your TFCO and the FCO, must be PBeM. If you want to simm in another fashion then PBeM you MUST request and receive permission before setting up your game other then PBeM. This also means no simming in BF's IRC channel, #BravoFleet or BF's Forums.

    18.Have Fun! This is a game after all! Smile

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