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The USS Scorpio NCC 77947 is a Star Trek RPG in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 72


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    Post by Tigra Thundera on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:28 am

    1.Obey all RPG rules. These are in place for a reason. We want this game to be fun for all. Breaking these easy to follow rules can mean demotion, removal from certain ships, and even possible banning for the Bravo Fleet RPG all together

    2.Ship commanders have the right to discipline players on their respective ships. This means warnings, demotions, and banning. If a player is demoted or banned from a ship, the Bravo Fleet JAG officer must be notified. Based on the actions of the player, the Fleet's JAG Officer may take further action. This includes demotion, removal from a ship, removal from command, probation within the fleet, removal from the fleet for a certain time period, and/or removal from the fleet for good, 'Banning'.

    3.Bravo Fleet has a three strike policy. If a player breaks Bravo Fleet rules, he receives a strike. Three strikes and the player is removed from the fleet for a period of 2 months. However if major rules are broken, a player maybe removed on the spot. This action is left up to the Bravo Fleet JAG officer and/or Fleet Commanding Officer under the Fleet's UCMJ. There are rare occasions where a player can be banned from the entire fleet permanently. This decision is made by the Bravo Fleet JAG officer and/or Fleet Commanding Officer. Players banned from Bravo Fleet are added to the fleet's 'Bad Boy' list. This list is a collection of Email addresses that are no longer allowed in the Bravo Fleet RPG.

    4.If a player is having trouble with another player, including his/her Commanding Officer, the player may file a request with the Fleet's JAG officer. The Fleet's JAG officer will look into the matter fully and can take the appropriate action. If needed, a Court Martial hearing will be held under the UCMJ. The plaintiff and defendant can chose anyone holding the rank of Commander or higher to represent them, except the Fleet JAG Officer. The Fleet's JAG officer serves as the Judge, and his decisions are binding and final. There are occasions where a trial isn't needed. If the evidence is overwhelming, a decision is made based on that. This decision is binding and final. Requests for a retrial and/or appeals can be made to the Fleet JAG Officer only, you get 2 appeals. Requests made to other officers will be ignored.

    5.Ship Commanders must recruit for their ships. Ship Commanders are required to actively search for players to man their ships and to make a website for the ship. However, they should not recruit within the fleet. They need to and are required to bring in new players to enable the fleet as a whole to grow and expand. This also means they need to regularly check the Bravo Fleet 'Bad Boy' list. This is a list of Email addresses that have been banned from playing in Bravo Fleet for various, serious, offences. Ship Commanders are to send to their Task Force Commander a report on their command at the first of the month. This should be received by the Task Force Commanders no later then the 4th of each month. This should include ship's status report, current mission summery, crew roster, mailing list, website URL, ship class, what you as a Commanding Officer are doing to better your ship, awards won for your site, awards won by your crew, and your submissions to Bravo Fleet's Hall of Honor. If this is not done, the Task Force Commander may take action. This could be warning, demotion, and/or removal from Command.

    6.Task Force Commands are requested and required to recruit for not only their ship, but all ship's in the Task Force. They are also to be accessible to all members of their Task Force as needed. Task Force Commanders have the right to appoint Commanders for the ships under their command. TF COs should send to the Fleet's Executive Officer reports for their Task Force. This should include all reports received from your ship commanders. Also include any players names and Email address that have been disciplined, awards won for your Task Force site, and any additional information you feel needs to be pasted on. This should be in to the Bravo Fleet XO's hands by the 6th of each month.

    7.When wanting to visit Starbase Bravo, Avalon Fleet Yards, Deep Space 12, Starbase 565, Deep Space 14, Union Colony, Mannheim Temporal Research Facility, or Starbase 503, contact it's respective Commanding Officer 3 to 4 days before your arrival. Send them your ship's name, class, mailing list, and any needed repairs. Any refit/upgrades must be cleared by your Task Force Commander and the Fleet Commanding Officer. This is to insure fleet integrity and to limit fleet wide story splits. It's also more fun to interact with another crew from time to time. The same holds true when wanting to do a joint mission between ships. Email address can be found for Admiralty members on the Bravo Fleet HQ site, and for Ship Commanders on their respective ship sites.

    8.Bravo Fleet has several classes of Attack Fighters, while all ships 'can' carry then, we have set realistic numbers on the Bravo Fleet Database. We also have the Beowulf Class Interceptor. These can only be based on Stabases and the Fleet's largest ships. Please visit the Bravo Fleet Database for numbers of shuttles and fighters realistically carried aboard ships.

    9.Anyone starting petitions within the fleet for any reason, or Spamming the Fleet's Message Boards and Mailing Lists may be placed on probation and/or banned from the fleet on the spot by either the Fleet's JAG officer and/or the Fleet's Commanding officer. Any ideas, requests, and suggestions should be sent through the Chain of Command; Ship's Commanding Officer, Task Group Commanding Officer, Task Force Commanding Officer, Fleet Executive Officer, Fleet Commanding Officer. Anyone breaking the Chain of Command for any reason, other then to contact the Fleet's JAG Officer maybe disciplined as their Ship Commander and Task Force Commander see fit. If that occurs, the Fleet's JAG Officer must be notified.

    10.Have fun, that's why we play the game. The game should be fun for all, at all times. If you find yourself not enjoying the game, contact your immediate Commanding Officer. If you need to take time off, a Leave of Absence, inform your Commanding Officer of why and how long you need, and you will be granted a 'LOA' for as long as you need. However if you neglect to inform your Commanding Officer, and you miss three weeks, don't post, etc, you will forfeit your rank and position.

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