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    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:57 pm

    Name: Richard Wayne
    Rank: LT.Cmdr.
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Born: Chicago

    Physical Traits
    Height 6’3
    Weight 205lbs
    Hair Brown
    Eyes Grey

    Dick was born to Bruce and Selina Wayne in Chicago, IL. His father was a Private detective, his mother worked as Repossession agent. Dick loved to follow both of his parents around on the job along with his younger sister Barbra. He attended St. Leo High School where he excelled in both debate and on the Gymnastics team. His Junior year he won the state title for best floor routine.

    After High school he enrolled in Star Fleet Academy. His favorite subjects where Tactical Analysis 303 and Intelligence Infiltration 103. He was approached by Star Fleet Intelligence to join them but turned them down. He was deployed on USS Victorious.

    Dick is a very inquisitive person loves to find the whys and who done it. When in uniform he is very professional and demands that of his staff. When he is not working he loves to live up the lifestyle he was used to back on Earth one of privilege. He enjoys holo programs that include rock climbing, survival skills, and any program where he can work on his acrobatics.

    SF Academy 5 years excelled in Tactics, and Intelligence
    USS Stephens- Asst Chief Tactical/ Security Officer
    USS Stephens—Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    USS Stephens- Chief Tactical/Security Officer
    USS Scorpio- Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    USS Scorpio- Promoted to Executive Officer.

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