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    Bio: Zoe


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    Bio: Zoe Empty Bio: Zoe

    Post by Zoe on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:37 pm


    Proper name: not applicable
    Current Rank: Lieutenant
    Current Position: Chief Engineer

    Race: Spaceborne
    Gender: Female
    Age: about 25
    Birthdate: uncertain
    Birthplace: uncertain

    Physical Description:

    Appearance - Lithe humanoid body with smooth, marble-white skin; no ears, hair or eyebrows; angular yet elegant facial features; solid indigo blue eyes. Wears a standard uniform, but her combadge (modified to help her speak) is worn sideways on the right collar of the jacket, instead of on the left breast. Other common accoutrements include a transporter armband and gravity boots.

    Physiology - Zoe is the only member of her species encountered by the Federation to date. Her physiology is adapted to survival in the vacuum of space; notable physical features include pressure-reactive skin that can seal itself airtight, and a cyclical respiratory system that processes both oxygen and carbon dioxide. The absence of a strong gravitational force is countered by the difficulty of moving in a vacuum, making her skeletal and muscular strength comparable to the average humanoid. She also lacks ears and vocal chords, substituted by organs that transmit and receive electromagnetic signals; her actual "name" is associated with her bioelectric signature.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    -Can survive in outer space without an EV suit for extended periods of time.
    -Very sensitive to electromagnetic fields; she can use this ability to detect problems with starships and other technology by "listening" to them.
    -Near-intuitive understanding of technology and its function, even if she's never seen it before.

    -Can not speak or hear sound without the assistance of electronics; often suffers a disconnect between what's on her mind and actually saying it.
    -Substantial weapons fire in her vicinity can disrupt her EM senses, causing disorientation and an inability to focus; this is especially true of Breen weaponry, and also applies to anything polaron-based.
    -Her complex bioelectric field can make it difficult to get a transporter lock; she compensates via an emergency transporter armband, modified to function as a pattern enhancer.

    A vital part of understanding how Zoe thinks is that she can not speak or hear, as sound does not exist in her natural environment. Though she is able to communicate via electronic devices (such as a modified combadge), she exhibits behavior which medical observers compare to that of a high-functioning autistic - a brilliant and vibrant mind, but sometimes unable to properly express herself and easily frustrated by that fact. This results in her being reclusive and withdrawn around other people, preferring to work alone whenever possible. This said, her grasp of chain of command is solid, and she has little trouble accepting orders or instructions.

    Hobbies and Interests:
    An avid reader; studies history and culture to better familiarize herself with the Federation. Despite being legally deaf, she is also intrigued by music and strives to understand it. She much prefers solitude to social interaction, feeling out of place among the "vocals." Zoe never visits holosuites for leisure, as holograms give her headaches.

    Background Information:
    Zoe was found by a civilian prospecting vessel, floating among debris of what was once a ship; analysis revealed signatures of polaron weaponry, implying a Breen attack. She was handed over to a Starfleet medical vessel for proper care, then to a Starfleet Medical facility for study and acclimation to Federation culture. During this time she developed a distaste for the medical profession, finding many of the doctors and scientists she met to be more interested in her as a project than as a person.

    Consequently, genuine attempts to understand who Zoe is and where she comes from have often backfired, resulting in little useful information. It has been ascertained by her limited descriptions of home that she and her species may originate in the sizable black cluster near the Breen-Federation border. How she came to be so far away from home (assuming the theory is correct) is still a mystery, as she is not comfortable speaking of it.

    Zoe has tried to return home on many occasions, but was constantly thwarted. Starfleet and interstellar transport agencies considered the volatile Black Cluster too great a risk, and Ferengi businessmen charged exorbitant prices as insurance against the same. She ultimately enlisted with Starfleet in the hope of earning a vessel of her own.

    Service Record:
    Enlisted as a non-commissioned officer.

    Sensor Technician, USS Observer, 4 months
    Mission: Cosmological Research
    - Multiple and frequent citations for behavioral misconduct, which nearly ended her Starfleet career. (These outbursts were later found to be rooted in boredom with her assignment.)
    - Received transfer at request of CEO.

    Propulsion Technician, USS Thorne, 1 year
    Mission: Cosmological Research
    - Demonstrated marked improvement in behavior, but continued to struggle with communication and interpersonal skills.
    - CEO noted "uncanny" proficiency with warp engines.
    - Transferred upon decommission of vessel.

    Propulsion Specialist, USS Gallagher, 1 year 10 months
    Mission: Systems Testing
    - Participated in multiple field tests of experimental modifications to warp drive propulsion. Received commendation for exemplary service.
    - Vessel went missing for three days during a field test; details of the incident have since been classified.
    - Offered a prominent R&D position at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems after mission ended. Chose to remain in Starfleet.

    Propulsion Specialist, Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Verity, 3 years
    Mission: Diplomacy and Aide
    - Completed Academy officer training during service. Commended for her thesis on multi-vector warp engine design.
    - Vessel embarked on several classified missions.
    - Commended for personal development of teamwork and leadership skills; promoted to Assistant CEO on recommendation of senior and junior crew.
    - Transferred at request of SENTINEL.

    Chief Engineer, USS Scorpio, present
    Mission: Tactical Operations

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