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    IC: Matashi's Door, Read Before Entering

    Ieuan Matashi
    Ieuan Matashi

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    IC: Matashi's Door, Read Before Entering

    Post by Ieuan Matashi on Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:46 pm

    Matashi sighed, tacking an old-fashioned written list outside his door. He doubted it would help, but it was worth trying.

    Thou Shalt Not:

    • Complain about how other departments run.
    • Come to me before following the chain of command.
    • Tell me you won't do something you've already promised to do.
    • Interrupt meetings.
    • Interrupt my lunch break, vacation, day off, etc.
    • Gossip.
    • Show up late.
    • Complain about anything not broken.
    • Ask to get out of a training assignment.
    • Come to ask me to do your job.
    • Come to me with a problem that I should already know about but don't because you tried to hide it.

    He'd left plenty of space at the bottom, figuring he'd be adding more to it as time went along.

    "I was a lead soldier. I marched against the
    smoke of the city.... And the world closed its
    doors--anvils and hammers against the sleeping
    men--doors of the heart--cities everywhere--and
    litte lead soldiers." Giannina Braschi

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