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    Tigra Thundera

    Tigra Thundera
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    Post by Tigra Thundera on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:12 pm

    Name: Tigra Thundera
    Rank: Captain
    Age: 38
    Race: Betazoid/Trill
    Gender: Male
    Born: April 28, 2348

    Physical Appearence :
    Tigra is about 38 years old, standing at about 5'11" and weighing 175 pounds. His hair in the center of his head is firey red rair spiked striaght up about 5 inches and the rest is spiked hanging over the sides of his shoulders. His eyes are bright neon yellow and give off a golden glow when in the dark, resembling cat-like eyes. His body is very well defined with a six-pack set of abs as well as an extremely muscular upper and lower body that he developed from previous military training.

    He has several tattoos on his body. There is one of a blue dolphin on the back of his neck jumping out of a body of water. Another one is of a serpent that wraps around the length of his arm as well as a few others in undisclosed locations. Various sized orange spots run up and down on both sides of his body.

    Peronality :
    Tigra is friendly and easy going, but very strong willed person who can be stubborn as a mule about certain things. He knows how to take charge of situation from his life experiences. He expects everyone to do their job thoroughly. He believes that work and play should be seperated at all times, even when it comes to married couples. Tigra has worked hard throughout his life and believes that everyone that serves under him should give their best at all times. He gives 110% and expects others serving with him to do the same. He is an honest man that will tell someone exactly what he thinks to their face and not behind their back. Tigra can be very competitive, especially when it comes to things like sports. He has also been known in the past to be a bit of a gambler in that area.

    Background Information :
    Tigra was born Betazed. He was raised mostly there as well by his Trill mother(Skalera) and Betazoid father(Jakoonti). He has two younger siblings. One male(Devorik), who takes mostly after their mother; one female(Mykayla), who takes mostly after their father. Unlike his younger brother and sister, Tigra was able to get the full proper training for is empathic and telepathic abilities. He was schooled on becoming an explorer with Starfleet since he could walk and talk. When Tigra turned 18, he immediately joined the academy to fulfill what he thought was his destiny. As of yet, he has had no symbiot joinings, however he is hoping he can have one soon.

    Hobbies/Interests :
    He enjoys working out in the holodecks with various weight training exercises that he designed himself in order to maintain his muscular appearance. In addition he likes competing in various Earth sport programs on the holodeck with others that feel they can win. Tigra loves to read and has an extensive collection of books that have been passed down through his family as well as others he had acquired for his own personal enjoyment. When he can find the time, he tends to do sing in the holodeck using a karoake program. Normally he just sings when in the shower.

    Family :

    • Skalera - Trill Mother
    • Jakoonti - Betazoid Father
    • Devorik - Younger Brother, Middle Child
    • Mykayla - Younger Sister, Youngest Child
    • Cheetara - Distant Cousin(former Borg)

    Career: Tigra graduated from Starfleet Acadamy in 2370 majoring in starship command and passing with flying colors. He has served on several ships throughout his career including some ships such as:

    • USS Sheeva as the Chief Conn Officer
    • USS Mischieva as the Chief Conn Officer and Second Officer
    • USS Odessa as the Executive Officer
    • USS Charleston as the Executive Officer, then the Commanding Officer
    • USS Athena as the Commanding Officer
    • USS Scorpio as the Commanding Officer(current)

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